question  Can you convert my book into another language?

No. We would recommend that you contact a professional translator, as long as the file is in a word doc it can then be posted up to whichever ebook distributor that you would normally post your books too. Book 2 eBook would not recommend that you use any of the online automatic translation apps as they do not tend to be grammatically correct for the language.

question  Is an eBook conversion service worth it?

Well we think so, it's a matter of playing to your strengths, why deny yourself a huge piece of the market place. People are buying eBook readers by the truckload, and they’re eager to fill their new gadgets with eBooks. When Apple announced that the long-awaited iPad will rely on the ePub book format, your potential customers went up by about 4 million.

question  What’s the difference between eBook format and ePub format?

An eBook is any electronic version of a book. PDFs, ePub formatting and Kindle design books are all eBooks. ePub formatting is the most popular open standard for eBooks. It can be read on many devices including the new iPad. Other formats, like Amazon’s Kindle, can only be read on their own devices.

question  What things should I look for when comparing eBook creation services?

At the very least, your eBook design should look consistent throughout the range of available ereaders. The presentation of your book should not be compromised just because it's not in the traditional paper format. A digital Table of Contents should jump to each chapter with a click so make your eBook as user friendly for the customer as possible. Last, your book’s info should including Author, Publisher, ISBN and Description, should be installed in the ePub book’s meta-data, so it appears in indexes, searches and libraries. We add search keywords to your eBook that comply with BISAC standards, so your book is easier for people to find (if the customer cannot find your work then they cannot buy your work).

question  Can I make an eBook myself?

Sure. You can build a house yourself too. It is again playing to your individual strengths, I am an educated, capable person who can understand the concept of building my own house and given time could probably make a good job of it, BUT is it worth my time and energy to do so. We are not advocating that all authors have to go through a creation service but you as an individual have to look at the pros and cons of trying to do this yourself. If you have the skills and the time, then go for it but there are a few points that are essential in presenting a good quality eBook. A good eBook includes an embedded cover, a table of contents that links to each chapter, and beautiful, readable type that formats properly on whatever device it gets dumped into. These are the minimum requirements necessary if you do this yourself.

question  I saw a website that says how to create an eBook for free. Can that work?

Try it. Look carefully that you are not giving away your publishing rights when they offer you a free ISBN. Seriously, beware of those who quietly assign themselves as your publisher in return for giving you a free ISBN number computer “meatgrinders” can usually deal with the text only documents, it is when images or tables are introduced that sometimes the results can be "unexpected" with numerouse error messages that can be very confusing to correct.

question  Can you make an eBook cover design for me?

Yes. We design covers specifically for eBooks . Just send us an email and we can quote you for a cover, as most authors have an idea of what they would like the more information you can give us the more options we can give you.

question  How do I get on Apple’s iBookstore? Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore?

Once you have a quality eBook, you can upload it directly to your favorite vendors and keep all sales to yourself. We’ll give you instructions.

question  What makes an eBook design cost more?

Images require special attention, and therefore raise the cost of eBook design. If your book has unique styling, or formatting that is inconsistent (that is, the formatting style doesn’t repeat throughout the book), it takes more time to make sure that it looks good on all the ereaders that are on the market that takes time and thus costs more.

question  Does an ePub eBook need an ISBN?

The ISBN is an independent identification number associated with your book. It’s like a Social Security Number. It belongs to the book, not the vendors. Currently, Amazon does not require an ISBN for your eBook, Amazon use their own ID system instead. Everyone else does require it, so it's a good idea to have an ISBN.

question  What is ePubCheck?

ePubCheck tests your ePub’s structure for any code errors that might cause problems. eBooks that don’t pass ePubCheck are not accepted by most vendors.

question  What is an eBook’s metadata?

Metadata is information about your book that is hidden inside. It doesn’t appear in the text. Metadata may include the Title, Author, Description, ISBN, keywords, and more. It allows the distributors to provide the customers with more information.

question  I already have an ePub book, but it doesn’t pass ePubCheck validation. Now what?

Look for a ebook formatter who specializes in ePub validation, you will have to pay but it is worth it in the long run

question  Do you add Digital Rights Management?

No. Although DRM is meant to protect your eBook from being shared, it causes problems with some eBook devices. It also makes it hard for vendors to handle your book because they get locked out too. DRM doesn’t protect much anyway. Online distributors add eBook copy protection for you if you want it, and it’s best to leave it to the vendors.

question  Who are you, really?

As avid readers of eBooks, printed books, basically boxes of cereal if their was nothing else to read, it started to annoy us that authors were being taken for a ride by so called formatting companies releasing shoddy eBook layouts, so we decided to open our own service, this way we only have ourselves to blame if we don't like the layout.

question  I have my book in PDF format already. Is that the same as the ePub format?

No, ePub formatting lets your words re-flow at a readable size to fit any device, much like words on a web page re-flow when you resize the window. Because an ePub format book is flexible, your book may be 300 pages on a big device, 700 pages on a small one. PDFs were designed to look the same on every computer screen the fonts, size, and layout are all locked.

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