What To Send

Check List

  • Your edited book in MSWord format (.doc or .docx)
  • Front cover (.jpg 1600 pixels wide x 2400 pixels tall or larger)
  • The Book Title & Author Name
  • Any dedications / acknowledgements. These can be in one document
  • Table of Contents
  • Any special requests
  • Biography
  • Links
  • ISBN Number if you have one

You might think that you can format one eBook and it will be available on all devices, unfortunately that is not possible.

Keep It Simple - Epub and Mobi eBook Formatting

One of the most crucial factors in the preparation of your manuscript is the old adage of  KISS "Keep It Simple Stupid". Think of the readers needs, plain easy to read text and uncomplicated structures are usually the best options. Unlike a printed book or PDF there are no page numbers, text reflows, font sizes and spacing varies depending on the device so the less variables you add the better the finished product will be. Readers can always change things to satisfy their own reading preferences. Your manuscript has to be converted into xhtml so needs to be as clean as possible for formatting. Make sure you've had your Word document edited and proofread thoroughly before submitting. Changing things once converted can be time-consuming and costly.

Guidelines for your Word document:

  • Format manually
  • Normal paragraph style for the bulk of the manuscript
  • Headings try to keep them uniformed where possible
  • Use Bold, italic or underline options sparingly as they have a quite profound inpact on the reader.
  • Alignment, no one wants a wobbly ebook, it hurts the eyes and confuses the brain.
  • Paragraph – first line indent or block – NEVER use tabs or spaces as indents
  • Avoid extra fonts it makes it harder for the reader
  • Remove header, footer and end-notes these don't usually survive the formatting process
  • Remove text boxes and avoid tables (convert to image file is the best option)

By following these principles the process of formatting your ebook is much easier, and the easier it is, the less time it takes and therefore the less you have to pay. Bear in mind that it is not as easy as a lot of sites suggest our service is to provide you will a good result, how many months have you spent writing this book?

There is very limited control over typefaces, font styles and layout within a eBook files so we always recommend that you stick with a standard eBook file format rather than fixed layouts.


These will help if you are just starting to write your book, it may seem as though we are trying to "teach grandmother to suck eggs" but it is very easy to get caught up in the moment and before you realise it there are extensive formatting issues . If you have it finished already - don't try to change it! we can remove unwanted formatting quicker than you can.

  • The hardest thing for most new eBook authors to understand is that an eBook is not a print paper book. There are no fixed layouts for a text based eBook as there would be if you were submitting the book to a traditional printing service.  There are no page numbers, fonts and font sizes are fluid and depend upon the reader, not you, or us.
  • Don't use tabs. They don't format. (Again if it is too late, don't worry it is quicker if we change them for you if you are on a deadline)
  • Keep font changes to a minimum and stick with the "normal" fonts - remember - it will be ground up by the publisher (Kindle, Nook etc.) when it is submitted and you can't use the cool fonts like "Brush Script" etc.
  • We have found that certain fonts are very stable on the web these include: Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana.
  • Don't insert forced page breaks – they are much easier for us to put in for Kindle than they are to take out for SmashWords. ( Don't waste your time taking them out if you are on a deadline)
  • Paragraph – first line indent or block – NEVER use tabs or spaces as indents
  • Remove header, footer and end-notes
  • Remove text boxes and avoid tables (convert to image file is the best option)


We will, check your cover to ensure it is formatted to the right size 1600 pixels wide x 2400 pixels tall. These are the measurements that ensure your cover is viewable on all devices and is of a suffienct quality for viewing.

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